Reduce or Eliminate costs by using our efficient system of supplying and billing specialty medical supplies
From delivery, to billing, to education, we help facilities, staff and residents manage their supplies covered by Medicare Part B.
Educating Nurses on Medicare Part B billing
Our Services
With the rising costs of medical supplies it is more important now than ever to make sure you are reimbursed for all eligible supplies. We help manage the entire process from qualifiying eligible residents, to delivery, billing and inventory, to educating your entire staff on ways to minimize costs for your eligible Medicare Part B residents.
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Our Supplies
We specialize in medical products related to the following:

wound care products • Enteral Feeding
• Ostomy
• Urological
• Wound Care
• Tracheostomy

See our manufacturer's page for a full list of suppliers.

W.L. Schneider uses local distributors to hand deliver or truck deliver supplies. Wholesalers such as Mercy Surgical in Pennsylvania, and Independence Medical in Ohio will special deliver products within 24 hours of receiving an order. Most orders will arrive on company owned trucks and we will also, if requested, personally deliver the product to the location of your choice within the facility.



CHAP Accredited Our Process
We’ll be there every step of the way, from gathering residents clinical, personal and insurance information and physician orders, to verifying that residents are eligible for Medicare Part B benefits, to setting up a delivery cycle then billing for eligible supplies.

W.L. Schneider Associates billing department is responsible for submitting all claims to the appropriate payer sources, including Medicare, Medicaid and a wide range of commercial insurers. We follow all regulatory and recommended guidelines when submitting resident benefit claims.

Our clinical professionals serve as a valuable resource to Long-Term Care and Assisted Living facilities. We offer extensive value added programs such as (but not limited to): Medicare Part B Education

• Instructional Videos
• CEU’s
• Protocols, Policies & Procedures
• In-Service Education Programs on a wide variety of topics