December 15th, 2013

Quick RoundsLook what’s new at W. L Schneider Associates: QUICK ROUNDS ™!

WLSA is pleased and excited to announce a joint venture with the QUICK ROUNDS organization; a supplier of state-of-the-art web-based assessment and medical ordering software.

With this cutting edge technology WLSA can save facilities tens of thousands of dollars ($$$).

With their Reimbursement Advisor, Portable Record Keeping, Complete Material Management, Standardizing Chart Information, HIPPA Compliant Security and Real Time Report Generation QUICK ROUNDS streamlines a facility’s work flow and improves operations across the board.

W. L. Schneider will introduce this new program to their current clients and new customers starting January 1st, 2014.

“Because We Care”, W. L. Schneider is always searching for new and innovative ways to improve services to their customers.

Please feel free to contact Joe Sullivan  (President) .. or .. Kevin Gorman (Clinical Liaison and Business Development Specialist) at: 215-624-7201 or toll free at: 866-357-7201for additional information on this exciting new service from W. L. Schneider Associates.

Negative Wound Pressure Therapy

September 29th, 2012

W.L. Schneider Associates is proud to announce their new venture into Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT).  This therapeutic technique uses a vacuum dressing to  promote healing in acute and/or chronic wounds and enhance the healing of first and second degree burns.   Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is one of the oldest forms of medicinal therapy used to heal the human body.  Over the past decade there has been a significant increase in the use of this therapy and today NPWT provides clinicians with an important option for the advanced management of a variety of chronic and acute wounds. W.L. Schneider Associates provides patients with several types of pumps and dressings and our qualified staff is at their disposal to answer and address any questions or issues.  We at W.L. Schneider Associates pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality, state-of-the-art products and service, at reasonable financial costs, to our many customers and their patients. Our successful growth proves this point.  Please feel free to contact WLSA for additional information on our Negative Pressure Wound Therapy programs and our other quality products and services.

WLSA becomes Contracted Provider with HIGHMARK

August 7th, 2012

W.L. SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES is proud to announce that they are now a Contracted Provider with HIGHMARK.

WLSA Certified by Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Ohio

April 29th, 2012

W. L. SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES is proud to announce their certification by the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Ohio.

WLSA is honored to now be able to provide products and services to neighboring states and we’re looking forward to long and mutually beneficial relationships.

These are quality additions to WLSA’ growing lists of Suppliers, Clients, Managed Care Organizations, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Home Health Agencies and Associations.

Growth is essential for future development, success and life itself.

W. L. SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES agrees and we’re doing our part to promote it.

For more information on WLSA products, services and plans please review our on-line brochure or call our office (215-624-7201) to speak with a personal Representative.

WLSA Partners With Capital Blue Cross

April 12th, 2012

WLSA is pleased to announce its newest venture with the CAPITAL BLUE CROSS organization 

Since 1938 CAPITAL BLUE CROSS has assured the maximum in quality health insurance products to the 21-county Pennsylvania area . Their broad-reaching physician network offers more than 11,000 professionals providers , available to deliver quality care & service to its many members.

Like WLSA, CAPITAL BLUE CROSS is dedicated to servicing and supporting the communities we live & work in.

The quality of our service reflects the quality of our partners. Please feel free to contact W.L. SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES for additional information.

Prospective Billing for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

December 1st, 2011

The following article has been reposted from NHIC, Corp.

This article serves as clarification for the proper billing of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition claims prospectively to ensure proper claim payments. Per Change Request 7452:

“For DMEPOS items and supplies that are provided on a recurring basis, billing must be based on prospective, not retrospective use. The following scenarios are illustrative of this concept:

Scenario 1: The treating physician writes an order for enteral nutrition which translates into the dispensing of 100 units of nutrient for one month. The supplier receives the order, delivers 100 units and bills the claim with a date of service as the date of delivery indicating 100 units. This is an example of prospective billing and is acceptable.

Scenario 2: The treating physician writes an order for enteral nutrition which translates into the dispensing of 100 units of nutrient for one month. The supplier receives the order and delivers 100 units. A claim is not billed. At the end of the month, the supplier determines that the beneficiary used 90 units for the month and delivers 90 units to replace the nutrient used. A claim is then submitted with a date of service as the date of delivery indicating 90 units of enteral nutrition. This is an example of retrospective billing and is not acceptable.”

The following instructions apply to enteral and parenteral nutrition claims:

No more than one month’s supply of parenteral/enteral nutrients (PEN), equipment, or supplies may be dispensed at one time. Therefore, the maximum supply that can be billed at one time is a 31-day supply.

Suppliers must not automatically dispense a quantity of items on a predetermined regular basis, even if the beneficiary has “authorized” this in advance. It is the supplier’s responsibility to assess how much nutrition and supplies the beneficiary is actually using by contacting the beneficiary or caregiver prior to dispensing the items. The supplier must determine the quantities that remain from the previous delivery and modify the quantity delivered or the delivery date accordingly. If the beneficiary has not used all of their previously delivered nutrients/supplies, the supplier should either delay delivery of the next shipment or should reduce the quantity delivered so that there is no more than one month’s supply on hand at any one time. This may occur in situations in which the beneficiary was admitted to the hospital, or in which the beneficiary did not receive their usual nutrient intake because of an acute illness, etc.

Contact with the beneficiary or designee regarding refills should take place no sooner than approximately 14 days prior to the delivery/shipping date. For subsequent refill deliveries, the supplier should deliver the product no sooner than 10 days prior to the end of usage for the current product. The Medicare system will allow up to a 10-day overlap in dates of service for the processing of claims for refills delivered/shipped prior to the beneficiary exhausting his/her supply. Reminder: Claims should not be consistently 10 days earlier each month as this would allow for additional payments.

The supplier itself may deliver the parenteral/enteral nutrition and supplies directly to the beneficiary or the supplier may use a shipping service to ship the items. If the supplier delivers the items directly to the beneficiary, the “From” date of service on the claim will be the actual date the items were delivered. If the supplier ships the items to the beneficiary using a shipping service, the “From” date of service will be the date the items were shipped. To determine the “To” date of service, the supplier counts the number of days the nutrients are expected to last (example: supplier ships a 28-day supply) and adds that number of days to the “From” date on the claim. Span dates on the claim will not usually match the dates of expected use of the nutrients.

Example: Supplier used a shipping service

Month 1

• 08/04/2011: 28-day supply shipped

• 08/06/2011: Beneficiary receives supply of nutrients

• 08/07/2011: Beneficiary starts using nutrients

• 09/04/2011: Beneficiary finishes supply of nutrients in this shipment

• Dates of service on claim:

o From date = 08/04/2011 (date the nutrients were shipped)

o To date = 08/31/2011 (28 days after the from date since a 28-day supply was shipped)

Note: The span dates (“From” and “To” dates) are determined by the date the nutrients were shipped and the number of days for which the quantity shipped is expected to last. The span dates do not coincide with the dates the beneficiary actually used the nutrients.

Month 2

• 08/26/2011: Supplier calls beneficiary to determine beneficiary’s usage during the previous month and determines quantity of next shipment

• 08/30/2011: 28-day supply of nutrients shipped to beneficiary (expected dates of use 09/05/2011 – 10/02/2011)

• 09/02/2011: Beneficiary receives shipment

• 09/05/2011: Beneficiary begins using nutrients shipped

• 09/13/2011 – 09/20/2011: Beneficiary admitted to inpatient hospital stay

• 10/09/2011: Beneficiary exhausts supply

• Dates of service on claim:

o From date = 08/30/2011 (date the nutrients were shipped)

o To date = 09/26/2011 (28 days after the “From” date since a 28-day supply was shipped)

Note: The next month’s shipment should be delayed to account for the additional supplies on hand due to the inpatient hospital stay.

Shipping Supply Kits

Supply kits consist of multiple items which are sometimes shipped separately. As with nutrients, the span dates on the claim usually will not match the dates of expected use of the supplies.

Example: Supplier uses a shipping service

• 08/01/2011: 28-day supply of infusion pump bags and tubing shipped

• 08/08/2011: 28-day supply of irrigation syringes shipped

• 08/26/2011: 28-day supply of infusion pump bags and tubing shipped

Claim submission based upon above shipping example:

Month 1

• HCPCS = B4035

• Units of service = 28 UOS

• From date = 08/01/2011

• To date = 08/28/2011

Month 2

• HCPCS = B4035

• Units of service = 28 UOS

• From date = 08/26/2011

• To date = 09/23/2011

In instances where the supplies are delivered directly by the supplier, the date the beneficiary received the DMEPOS supply shall be the “From” date on the claim.

If a supplier utilizes a shipping service or mail order, suppliers shall use the shipping date as the “From” date on the claim.

Please see the following Self-Service Tools that will assist in filing PEN claims:

• Supply Refill and Contact Calculator

• Enteral Nutrition Units of Service Calculator

WLSA Partners with TRICARE

November 1st, 2011

WLSA is pleased and honored to announce a new relationship agreement with TRICARE (www.tricare.mil); the premier healthcare program serving our dedicated servicemen, servicewomen, retirees and their families world-wide.

WLSA is proud to be a recognized in-network provider to the TRICARE organization and their clients.  Please feel free to contact WLSA or the TRICARE corporation for more information.

WLSA Partners with Keystone Mercy

November 1st, 2011

WLSA is proud to announce its new partnership with the KEYSTONE MERCY HEALTH PLAN (www.keystonemercy.com), a member of the AMERIHEALTH family of companies and Pennsylvania’s largest medical assistance (MEDICAID) managed care health plan.

Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, the KEYSTONE MERCY HEALTH PLAN has been an unprecedented success story in its 25(+) year existence.  To learn more, please contact WLSA for more information.

WLSA Partners with Kairos Health Systems

August 12th, 2011

WLSA is proud to announce our new venture with KAIROS HEALTH SYSTEMS; a provider-owned health system that services Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland and specializes in retirement living, nursing facilities and community based services.

With the addition of KAIROS HEALTH SYSTEMS (www.kairoshealthsystems.com), and the recent joint venture with MOBILE WOUND CONSULTANTS, WLSA’ aggressive growth plan is right on target. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

WLSA Partners with Mobile Wound Consultants

July 14th, 2011

WLSA would like to introduce Principals Theresa Brady and Tom McNulty of MOBILE WOUND CONSULTANTS, INC. in Media Pennsylvania.  Mobile Wound Consultants offers wound rounds in your facility at NO COST TO YOU.  They are an independent nurse practitioner group specializing in wound assessment and management of residents living in Long-Term Care facilities.

Mobile Wound Consultants has served Long-Term Care facilities and Alternate Site areas in the Greater Philadelphia Area for over 12 years.  They offer wound rounds as recommended by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP).  Contact us for more information.